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Pay for Performance
Guaranteed Results

Get a no BS assessment of how big your opportunity is online.

Dominate Now



Why go into battle without a full army? Your business needs all of SaleAMP's industry leading 50+ weapons to win. No nickel and diming with some à la carte menu. We're all in.



Tired of paying a slew of internet marketing "specialists" fat retainers? We are too. So we profit only when you do. That means you gain more firepower for less cost with less risk. And a powerful partner for your business.



If we don't move the needle in website visibility, traffic or sales in the first 90 days, we'll keep executing on our dime until we do. We're not here for a retainer. We're here to grow your business. Period.

Get a no BS assessment of how big your opportunity is online.

Dominate Now

Client Proof Points

SaleAMP's unmatched talent and tools are constantly turning in dominant search positions, record breaking leads/sales and other remarkable results for clients:

SaleAMP controls
SaleAMP controls
of the front page of search
SaleAMP ranks
SaleAMP ranks
three different corporate web sites
on Google's front page
SaleAMP drives
SaleAMP drives
50k visitors
a month with no
Google, FB, Yahoo,
Bing, Email, SEO or PR
Saleamp Leads
SaleAMP drives
enterprise leads
with new B2B
prospecting engine

Performance Internet Marketing Delivering Dominant Results

SaleAMP is a cutting-edge, pay for performance internet marketing firm focused solely on accelerating sales for any business large or small. Performance internet marketing is not hype. Our world-class performance marketing team has produced billions of dollars in sales in our professional careers and our guidance and capabilities has the power to dramatically lower your marketing costs and put more revenue on your books at the same time. We're one of the only pay for performance marketing firms in the world because we deliver world class results and we're confident enough to lay it on the line.

We eat, sleep, breathe, and invent performance internet marketing. We are inventors. Warriors. Gladiators. We are the future of marketing. We have an obsession for the intersection of internet marketing and business: massive demand generation through search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing PPC campaign management, social media marketing, classified advertisements, article marketing, condor marketing, on-line video marketing, local search marketing, mobile marketing, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and a specialization in conversion rate optimization that turns traffic into top line revenue. Web metrics and advanced online analytics are our lifeblood. The future of marketing lies in technical battlefields where software, speed and advanced techniques are the difference between winners and losers.

Internet marketing is a minefield of misconceptions and half-truth spouting "internet marketing" consultants in a world where results are what count. At SaleAMP, we know from experience as managers and as industry experts that each online campaign is unique and racking up revenue is all that matters. Our tactics are tailored to each client and we aggregate specific weapons to win for you and your business. We believe internet marketing should pay for itself and that is how we measure our results - be it from a pay per click campaign management, natural search engine rankings from search engine optimization, online video marketing or social media marketing. The days of paying high retainer costs to a marketing consultant or excessive license fees for basic software are coming to an end. Your marketing partners should invest and win with you. That's why we're pushing the frontier in performance marketing.

Let's face it, marketing is changing. Old school tactics of expensive print ads or direct mail pieces are not effective. And the online landscape is complex and diverse. Your market is on-line in every corner of the web - and they are there in the tens of thousands every day. It is not just about PPC, "SEOing" a site or placing an ad on some industry site. We have unique tools and techniques across EVERY internet marketing venue to ensure your business wins.

Contact us today to learn how SaleAMP can immediately lower your marketing costs and accelerate your sales at the same time.



SaleAMP Inc.

SaleAMP Inc.

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