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Apartment Marketing

The large majority of renters are looking for their next place to live on-line in search engines, apartment locating sites, social media networks, classified ad networks and more. SaleAMP works with apartment complex owners and property management companies to dominate their market place and generate renters in ways that other companies can't. Only SaleAMP has the expertise and tools to lease up your units at the fastest possible rate. And we don't get paid until you do.

How we work for you:

  • You provide a small budget to cover 3rd party hard costs
  • We invest more than you do in marketing, design, development, software and operations
  • There is no service price sheet or incremental costs – we do whatever is necessary to win
  • We fuel your sales team with leads until deals close and SaleAMP is paid
  • Generate Demand: SaleAMP's deploys a range of apartment marketing skills and software tools to ensure the highest possible demand flow to your sales staff.
  • Search engine marketing – thousands of leads searching for apartments like yours every single day
  • Social marketing – we reach buyers in on-line social hubs (MySpace, Facebook, etc.) and classified ad networks (Craigslist, etc.)
  • Condor marketing – we can dominate natural search rankings in your city across multiple search phrases and send those leads to you
  • Email marketing - to prospects/leads/clients, the entire real estate agent community and apartment locators
  • On-line video marketing – generates more property interest and traffic
  • On-line advertisements – at times placing a well written ad in other on-line apartment locating networks can drive traffic to your landing page
  • Direct Marketing – convert existing renters, students, professionals or event support
  • Create More Leads: SaleAMP's web sites and landing pages are totally focused on converting demand traffic to actionable leads.
  • Property-specific landing website for your property with monitored chat
  • Optional (fee based):
    • Starting a web site? Let SaleAMP build your next web site to ensure it has all of the search and lead capture capabilities built in from the start.>
    • Have a web site in progress? SaleAMP can also advise your existing agency on what to build.
  • Capture Customer Information: SaleAMP centralizes all lead records to ensure visibility into activity and also protect you from sales teams that may change from time to time.
  • We provide your sales team a log in to a centralized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system where they can record every aspect of their activity for reporting

SaleAMP can generate leads for your apartment complex in two weeks or less. We specialize in apartment marketing and our techniques are unique. We are cutting edge and effective and there is no one else like us. SaleAMP offers you a low risk, high leverage opportunity to secure more business when none of your competition can. Best of all, we don't get paid till you do so we are extremely focused on speed to sales.

Looking to sell your apartment complex? We can bring the buyers through targeted email, direct mail and calling campaigns.

Contact us immediately to learn more about how our cutting-edge marketing efforts can be applied to your project to dramatically accelerate property sales.

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